Yeah, now that I live in the PNW I am so much more affected by winter! I love the colder weather, but the shorter days mean I am even more in hibernate mode than I was down in CA. I use my light box religiously, which helps. I try to ride the energy boost of the longer days in Spring and Summer - but heat shuts me down almost as much as short days do. The older I get and the worse my health gets, the more I listen to and work with my body and energy levels. Fighting them all the time just means they kick my ass harder until I listen. :)

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I've bee living in the Philippines for over fifteen years now, and I don't think I will ever fully embrace the seeming "perpetual summer" of this climate. The closest we get to anything cooler is the three months from about mid-December through to early-to-mid March when the temperatures actually say in the 70's. The rest of the time, it's mid-80's to mid-90's, and that's just too hot for me to even want to be productive. Just the thought of turning on the oven at this time is too much for me to handle!

I grew up in Rhode Island and spent most of my adult working life in Maine. I miss the changing seasons; I miss the farmers markets during the summer. I miss snow, though not the amounts I had to deal with while living in Maine! I miss the colors and smells of Autumn. It's strange, summer was never my favorite season of the year, yet here I am, living in what feels like endless summer. Oh well.....the trade-offs are still worth it.

My most productive time? Those three months of cooler weather. It takes all kinds.......right?

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Sorry....should have edited my entry. The keyboard on my computer is dying and doesn't always print all the letters I type. I'll try to do a better job of editing next time

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