Mir will never forget many years ago -- I think at Magnolia Cafe in Austin -- when you declared wholeheartedly "Salad is the food of my people!" And so much better when home-grown!

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The list of things that nurture/feed me is shrinking due to age, mobility issues and the availability of those things that used to give me great pleasure. I had membership at our city's museum of art and ushered for the Portland (Maine) Symphony and Portland Stage. One thing that I think it is important to know is that few people pick up new hobbies after they retire. Typically people simply spend more time on life-long hobbies. So it behooves young people to develop hobbies, no matter how little time they can give to them right now.

I used to love to cook and would, upon occasion, spend the better part of they day cooking and baking. I still enjoy it, but can only be on my feet for a couple of hours before I'm done it. But I still love to cook and one of the things I turn to often is making homemade dumplings. They are easy to make and so delicious. I've also taken 7 courses online over this past year. The courses have been in areas that interest me: World Literature, Classical Music, Psychology and Religious Studies. These courses are from places like Harvard University, Yale and the University of Edenborough. I also love to read, so once I've finished a course (that can run from five to thirteen weeks) I take two or three weeks off and spend a good deal of time reading books I've picked up on Amazon in e-book format. During these periods, I can read three or four books a week. I also enjoy playing Scrabble with the computer. And, as a senior, I have to admit that being able to nap whenever I like is a perk, indeed. I also meditate and journal just about every day. I do miss working, but usually manage to fill my days with contentment.

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Creating new art, writing stories, feeling Nature and interestingly, 24 hour fasts, yoga, feed me.

Plus, breaking that fast with organic, luscious veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds.

ALL feed me in diverse ways.

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